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Devnetic is an interactive teaching app developed by App Dev League for students looking to learn about Application Development and AI in the form of multiple choice questions, an integrated code editor, project-oriented curriculum, and a gamified leveling up system.

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For Students

A fun, easy to use learning app

Students will be able to freely learn computer science through an interactive, gamified teaching app. A combination of engaging, easy to understand slides and questions in lessons provide an enriching approach to learning

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For Educators

Rich, accessible curriculum slides

Devnetic was built to improve the experience for educators, in addition to students. Educators have a variety of slides and projects to utilize in their teaching. With Devnetic, teachers can view and track their students' progress over time through the Devnetic dashboard. Devnetic has numerous features that enhance student-teacher interaction.

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Code Environment

Learn by doing! Some lessons are in project form, which allow students to create a project while learning new concepts. Create a project with the built in IDE, and then the finished project will then be tested with built-in test cases to make sure it meets the project requirements.

Multiple Choice Questions

Strengthen and reinforce your knowledge with multiple choice questions. Dont worry, you'll still get hints if you get stuck, and each question has detailed and in-depth explanations regarding the correct answer.

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Comprehensive Content

Content that suits every skill level, beginner or advanced. Level up your coding skills with visual diagrams, demos, and live web pages all part of the curriculum. Keep track of your progress through your progress tracker, and grow your skills!

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